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Everything changed with
the click of a shutter…
the difference between
life and death.

Frankie Taylor has issues. Alcoholism, infidelity, and a divorce have plunged him into a pit so deep, he can see only one way out.

But his scheme to end it all unravels after an odd chain of events involving a digital camera.

Thwarted and bewildered, Frankie begins to reassemble the pieces of his carefully dismantled life.

And God shows up…

Cara Alexander is a teen intent on storming into adulthood.

Her parents watch helplessly as their rebellious daughter slips away, leaving them reeling after disaster follows disaster with dire consequences.

And God shows up…

Join Frankie, Cara, and their families as lives intersect on a journey to see how faithful God is, and learn to run the race set before them… that ends in a Photo Finish.

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What Readers Are Saying…

This book is a fine exploration…
of the depths to which a person can sink, and how they can overcome the odds to rebuild a life that has meaning, purpose, and promise. Author Russell touches on many sensitive topics with a delicate but realistic hand. There are no easy answers for Frankie Taylor or his family, but life isn’t about being easy. You’ll root for Frankie and sympathize with him as he battles back from the brink.

Fabulous read!
Russell knocked it out of the park with her 2nd novel to date. Emotional, compelling, a page turner! This book explores a couple pretty serious and heavy subjects with grace and integrity, and proves that there is life after loss. Very well- written and infinitely readable. I highly recommend!

Photo finish was beautifully written.
The story stirred my faith like nothing before. I loved the amazing stories and the fact that it was not predictable at all. It had me glued to every single page wondering what was going to happen next. It was so hard to put such an amazing story down. Kudos to the author who wrote a truly splendid book about loss, hope, and faith in God.

Photo Finish explains well…
how when we hit our lowest form of being and think all is gone, we can return through grace and trust in the higher being. Frankie and his family have serious issues, yet we can see meaning and promise, or light, at the end of the tunnel through Frankie’s journey. Many don’t often think about their difficult paths, but this book, Photo Finish, helps us see that no matter how dreary things may be, there is always God’s grace and a way out of the bottomless darkest mud hole we have sunk into. There is life out there, and it can be good!

Kim Russell writes about…
two real world families whose lives intertwine in the most interesting of circumstances. Well written with complex characters who learn how faith, God and determination are so important during life’s trying times. You are kept enthralled throughout the entire book. Don’t miss out on reading this great book

What a fabulous story!
Frankie’s death wish and his journey to God are remarkable. All due to a teen’s camera that had been left behind at the site of his intended suicide. The author did a skillful job weaving together two families in crisis and their walks of faith. Themes like trauma, rebellion, and redemption are interwoven in the storyline. Photo Finish is an exciting look at teen issues and the consequences that come with them. This book reminds us that God is in control, no matter how grim life seems. I loved this book of hope and highly recommend it for all ages. I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Coincidences, or divine orchestration?
Frankie is determined to end his life; too many things are messed up and he can’t seem to get his alcohol consumption under control. He gets all of his details in order, then heads to the Old Post Office tower in Washington, D.C. to end it all, but he sees a family much like his own on the train. The daughter accidentally leaves her camera behind and events are set in motion for big life changes in many lives in this story of second chances. Page after page shows God’s grace and love in action, plus believers who aren’t afraid to tell the truth boldly to those who need to hear it. You’ll find yourself challenged in your faith and thinking about what author Kimberly Russell is saying to you through this story. I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. This review is my own and I’m honored to share it.

Photo Finish is an incredible, beautiful experience…
that takes you through the lives of a family and strangers. Every chapter leaves you wanting to turn the page to see where and who will cross paths. Photo Finish undoubtedly will show you how God is a snapshot in everyone’s lives.

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