My Debut Novel

Jade Pepperdine
has a problem…

Her life is crumbling beneath the weight of the past, events of the present, and fears for her future.

Things need to change, but she doesn’t know where to start…

Answers come in the form of an unexpected opportunity when Jade finds herself stuck in a mythical land. She meets Mayor Dudley, who insinuates she is emotionally broken and in need of repair … a fact she’d just as soon ignore. He offers to help her get home if she is willing to face her issues through a process of restoration. Frightened and skeptical yet out of options, Jade grudgingly agrees.

Come along on the adventure of a lifetime, and maybe you’ll find someone you never knew you lost: Yourself.

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What Readers
Are Saying…

Best self help book thru fiction I’ve ever read.
If you are brave enough really look at your own life thru lens of this book, you will enter into a whole new understanding of yourself and others. The humor of this wildly funny book brought laughter & tears, and I never cry.

A Great Help to those in need of finding Peace.
Journey to ChiYah is a great story that reminded me of my path and journey through resilience and liberation. This book will help many relate to their journey and how they can heal no matter how significant their pain is. Kimberly did a great job explaining the process of healing your emotional, physical, and spiritual self, and with that came the healing of relationships with others.

Outstanding Debut Novel
Journey to ChiYah is a touching account of a woman in search of the strength and love she needs to cope with the past and the courage to face the future. The journey for both Jade and the reader is creative and inspirational. We are all a culmination of our life experiences. What we choose to do with those experiences is up to us and Kimberly Russell has captured this very eloquently.
This debut novel is a fantastically powerful story. I look forward with anticipation, to your next novel. Yellow roses to you, Kimberly Russell!

Thought provoking
If you love C.S. Lewis Narnia you will love this book. The author truly makes you feel as if you are in ChiYah taking this amazing journey with Jade. It’s thought provoking and entertaining the best of both worlds. A must read.

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