An Update

>> Monday, September 23, 2013

A few weeks ago, I posted "A Call for Help" about the community fund raiser I'm participating in on October 19.

Now it's time for an update.

The event is the Branch County Out of the Darkness Community Walk sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It is being organized by my step-children who lost their father a year ago. By raising funds to fight the battle against suicide, their hope is to help others avoid the loss and pain they have suffered. In addition, miracles are taking place.

I've seen healing. I've seen hope. I've seen determination like never before.They've sold bracelets, acquired sponsors, made videos, and beat on doors for donations.

I couldn't be prouder of them.

As of today, they've received over $5700 in pledges and 138 people have signed up to walk. Donations have poured in, food provided, and free advertisement extended. There will be music, event booths, and remembrances of loved ones. Goodie bags, hugs, and tears.

This thing has taken off and has a life of its own. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about it. Here's a link to the event page at AFSP.

It's a sad subject and it will be a hard day, I have no doubt. But it is also a celebration of accomplishment, hard work, and a way to help.

Take a minute and watch these videos. The first part is all the reasons why a person should not consider suicide an option and the second is about why we're walking.

We'll never know what impact the walk will have, but if even one person reconsiders taking their life because of this event, all the efforts will be worth it.

Thanks to all those that have sponsored me and if you'd like to help out with a donation, it would be greatly appreciated.


"H" Is for Happy-Dancin'

>> Friday, September 13, 2013

 I'm tickled pink to share my Happy-dancin' "H" post for Patty's A-Z Meme with newly-published author, Sarah Grimm. We recently met at an ACFW event; however, we barely spoke. (The one-sheet projects we were working on kept us pretty busy.) Apparently hers did the trick because shortly after that, she was contracted through Solstice Publishing for her debut novella. 

Make sure you hop on the blog train at the end and check out some other "H" posts on the meme.


A few words from Sarah... 
"First of all, I want to thank Kim for being gracious enough to let me post on her blog today. I am so Happy about the release of my novella, BREATHLESS."

A few words about BREATHLESS... 
What if one touch could unlock a thousand memories?

Eighteen year old Claire Summers has a rare gift she must keep secret, she's a Breather—someone who can see other people’s memories by touching an object they’ve touched. When she stumbles across a memory of her friend in danger, she'll do anything to help rescue him. The problem is, her secret will be revealed. If the wrong people find out about her ability, they’ll hunt her because 

Breathers are powerful weapons.

Who's Sarah Grimm?
I started writing when I was … well I actually can’t remember not writing. It’s kinda my thing. I love fantasy—epic, urban, sword and sorcery, all of it—so that’s what I write.

The way I look at it, God blesses us with talents and makes us passionate about them so we’ll use our talents. 

You can learn more about me and what I’m writing on my website:                                                    

Breathless is an urban fantasy. For those of you unfamiliar with whatever that is, it’s fantasy set in a city, sometimes it’s in the future, sometimes present.

(Photo credit Geoff Lefarth)

The story takes place in a few cities—Podunk towns actually. Yup, there’s a road trip involved, and it’s in this awesome, awesome ride.

Yeah, I know.

And for your reading pleasure, 
an excerpt from BREATHLESS
My shoes crushed the thick grass. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Damp, summer air swirled around me unable to cut through the heavy fog. Headstones, cracked and crooked, spread across the grassy hill. I’d been here before. My dreams often brought me to this cemetery. The full moon lit my way down a familiar path. Even though I was dreaming, I was chilly in my tank top and shorts.

I headed toward the tallest headstone on the hill’s crest. No flowers or American flags decorated this soul’s final resting place. I reached out, like I had the other times I’d dreamed this, and I knew what to expect. Before I could touch the stone, my subconscious would pull me back and I’d wake on my bouncing bed feeling like I’d fallen from somewhere high.

The rough stone was cool beneath my fingers.

Three translucent figures walked away from me, passing through the untouched fog. Two men, one held a young boy’s hand, the other followed them. The boy looked so familiar. They walked through the headstones littering the hillside as if they were insubstantial, and then flickered out.

My hand jerked back. A chill skittered across my chest and spread over my whole body leaving me with goose bumps. Heart racing, I willed myself to wake.

I didn’t.

My chest tightened. Was I dreaming or not?  Thunder rolled closer. I backed away from the creepy headstone and stepped on something slippery. Arms flailing, I lost my balance. I landed in the moist grass. Pain shot up my elbow as it connected with rock.

“Back here. Quick.” The whisper turned my blood to ice.

“I’m dreaming,” I said aloud since this was too freaky to be real.

“Dream? No, sweetheart, you’re in a trance. Snap out of it or whatever it is you Breathers do.” The stranger’s voice rasped.

I froze, watching him inch closer. Breather? What was he talking about? My head cleared like a fan turned on and blew the fog from my brain, and I realized my situation. I so wasn’t dreaming. This was real. This was real?

I faced the stranger hiding behind a headstone and caught a glimpse of his rifle. Oh holy night.

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