26 Acts of Kindness: #5 The Dress

>> Monday, March 25, 2013

A year ago, I went shopping on my birthday. I’m not really into the whole concept, but decided to do something different and jump on the “act like a normal female” train.

I wandered through a store, feigning interest, picked up a few things, and promptly put them back.

Then I saw it.

A filmy, little lavender print dress that would be perfect for Easter. It was kind of a youthful style, but heck, it was my birthday, after all. And why shouldn’t I be a little daring? A little cheeky? 

A little…younger?

Of course, when I got it home, it was a little tight. A little sheer. And more than a little too short.

What was I thinking?

I hung the bag on a door knob with every intention of returning it sometime. And a year later, it was still hanging there.
Usually I’m way too practical to buy something and not return it if it didn’t fit. But since I bought it out of town, it never happened. So I decided to be on the lookout for someone to give it to.

One Sunday morning, I decided to take it to church as I had an idea of a young lady that might like it.

But it didn’t feel right and I returned it to the door knob. Then at the last minute, snatched it up and threw it in the car.

I was settling into Sunday School, chatting with friends, when a gal I know came in, along with her teenaged granddaughter.

And I knew exactly why I’d brought the dress.

This teenager occasionally comes to our class. She always sits quietly and never says a peep. I had no idea what her name was or anything about her life. (I suppose I could have talked to her, but I don’t tend to be teen user-friendly.)  What if I offended her with my offer? Or worse, she thought I was some kind of nut?

But none of it mattered, my urge to give her the dress out-weighed any trepidation. After church, I handed it off to her grandmother. And later the girl came up to me and shyly whispered her thanks.
Maybe she didn’t like the dress. Or it didn’t fit.

Maybe she loved it. Or gave it to a friend. Or had a laugh at my expense.

Guess we'll just never know.

In Honor Of Sandy Hook Victim
Charlotte Bacon, Age 6


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