26 Acts of Kindness: #2 Mission Impossible

>> Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The place?

The mission?
Looking for an act of kindness opportunity

Sound easy? 
Not so much.

I detest grocery shopping. Add a trip to the bottle return and I’m ready to run screaming. When it must be done, I usually try to time it so crowds are limited and the deed can be accomplished quickly.

This particular morning I hit pay dirt.

It was early—no one was in the normally crowded bottle return area. I bellied up and started to shove bottles in the machine when a lady stopped next to me to do the same.

We exchanged pleasantries and she made a comment about her son bringing in pop bottles for gas money.


I considered handing her the bottle slip for her son, but hesitated and moved on.

Not sure why...

Now I was left to come up with a plan. I hemmed and hawed, considered options and tossed them out. 

Kind of started to feel like I was on Mission Impossible…I could almost hear the music playing in the distance. Even thought I spotted Tom Cruise skulking through the laundry detergent aisle…wishful thinking.

I was stewing at the fact that this was starting to get complicated when I remembered something: Acts of kindness don’t have to be earth-shattering. They can be simple and effortless. Little things to make someone’s day.

In other words, K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid.)

So I decided when I checked out, I would just hand the bottle slip to the person behind me—easy peasy.

I was unloading my stash when a someone wheeled up behind me. I turned and….found a former co-worker. We chatted while I tried to figure out my next move (it would have felt awkward to hand her my bottle slip...)
And just then, another lady got in line.

I’d seen this gal earlier in the vegetable section. She’d caught my eye. I tend to people watch when I grocery shop (anything to pass the time) and I noticed she looked stressed. Or sad. Or something.

I circled the check-out, touched her arm, and she jumped. (Appeared she'd been in deep thought and I interrupted.)

“Here ya go. Have a nice day,” I whispered and went on my way. I glanced over my shoulder to find her staring at the bottle slip.

Mission accomplished.

In Honor of Sandy Hook Victim 
Dylan Hockley, Age 6


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