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>> Monday, January 21, 2013

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary rocked our nation and brought way more questions than answers. Such senseless violence—against children, no less—was beyond our comprehension. We watched the news coverage in horror. Personal stories of the victims, heroic adults, and the pain of those left to deal with their loss: We saw it all.

It left us sobbing for the victims and their families, hugging our loved ones a little tighter, and wanting to do something out of a desperate need to make it quit hurting.

And we asked questions:
“How could such an unthinkable thing happen?”
“Could it have been prevented?”

NBC New Reporter, Ann Curry, had a different question:

“What can I do?”

Her answer was to take to Twitter and issue a challenge:

One simple Tweet…that set off a firestorm.

People started to respond. To get excited. To share their experiences.

As I read, something stirred in me. I tend to be a bit self-centered and absorbed. I don’t plan it that way, just kind of happens. Life is very busy and we all spend a lot of time just making it through the day.

But a commitment to search out people to purposely be nice to? This I could do.

For me, 2013 is all about stretching, growing, and trying new things. Making a commitment to 26 acts of kindness seems like a good way to start. So here is my pledge:

  • I will plan and execute 26 acts of kindness in the coming year and blog about each one.
  • Some will be simple and spontaneous, some a little more elaborate.
  • Acts must take time, thought, and effort (as opposed to things I might normally do.)
  • I will train myself to be on the look-out for kindness opportunities.
Maybe after doing this, I'll be more inclined to do nice things routinely. I've heard it takes twenty-one repetitions for something to become a habit.

Guess that means 26 kind acts could be life-changing.

Guess I may learn to LOL (Love Out Loud)

Guess I'm in.

PS: Feel free to post your own acts of kindness here....let's all 'pay it forward.'


Sandi Shine Hughes,  January 21, 2013 at 2:56 PM  

Yes! I am in! 26 acts this year to be God directed. Thanks for the inspiration, Chica!

Missie January 21, 2013 at 3:02 PM  

Oh sweet Kim (aka Kimbo Baggins :) How I love you! I like this challenge and will join you! But I also wanted to say that those of us who truly know you - know what a loyal, loving and GIVING heart you have. I miss you!

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