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>> Monday, January 14, 2013

After going to see, "The Hobbit," I've decided that if I believed in reincarnation, I might have been an inhabitant of Middle Earth in another lifetime.

Wiki-Facts about Hobbits:

  • Enjoy six simple meals a day
  • Between two and four feet and tend to be stout, with slightly pointed, elfish ears.
  • They like to dress in bright colors
  • Their head and feet are covered with curly brown hair but cannot grow beards. 
  • Capable of great courage and amazing feats under the proper circumstances. 
  • Fond of an unadventurous, bucolic and simple life of farming, eating, and socializing, although capable of defending their homes courageously if the need arises.
Disclaimer: Some only apply in part. (I haven't looked at my ears lately and I've never tried to grow a beard although I did get my father's hair-growing genes.)

But there are similarities I can't ignore.

The hero in the movie is Bilbo Baggins and he's all about playing it safe. He loves his fussy, prim & proper lifestyle. Not caring much for risk-taking, adventures are off-limits, and changes to routine nearly send him over the edge.

Kind of describes me. And why 2012 was so incredibly difficult.

It was a hard year. The quiet, routine, albeit boring life I generally lead erupted into chaos, pain, and helplessness. I watched people I love suffer and all I could do was stand by, wringing my hands. Nothing seemed to go according to plan. Writing came to a screeching halt as my creative brain cells exited the building.

Photo by Dawn Huizenga
In the immortal words of a certain green, hairy creature (The Grinch) the last twelve months have "stinked, stank, stunk."

Needless to say, I wasn't sorry to see 2012 end.

But I must grudgingly admit that there was also some good things come out of the mess last year turned into.

It caused me to process and reevaluate my life. And even though it's hard and painful to look inward, the experience has been quite enlightening.

I'm starting to get excited about new possibilities and opportunities for growth. I've vowed to be more open as opposed to closed and rigid. Be spontaneous. Maybe even a little adventurous. Become an out-of-the-box thinker.

Novel ideas for this pseudo-Hobbit. And not easy. But nothing worth pursuing ever is and I'm up for the challenge.

 I think.

So come along for the ride. Could be interesting. Or at least entertaining if I fall on my face.

I leave you with a conversation Bilbo is having with his mentor, Gandalf, in considering the possibility of an adventure...

Gandolf wisely touts, "Home is behind you... The world is ahead."

"Can you promise that I will come back?" Bilbo asks.

"No. And if you do, you will not be the same."

Time for Kimbo Baggins to start her adventure.


Sandi Shine Hughes,  January 14, 2013 at 8:31 PM  

Good job at stepping out in being transparent! You do resemble the character in the first pic just a little! :)

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