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>> Monday, November 19, 2012

I adore my blog.

I love everything about it: the banner, the design (thanks to Mari,) the concept. All of it.

Yet, sometimes we have a love-hate relationship. There are days it yearns for my attention. And my muse turns his back. Times when I know I need to do a post, but my creative brain cells have fled the scene and I got nothin.

I’m sure most bloggers struggle and I’m not unique. (At least not in this area.)

The thing that plagues me most is whether I’m wasting my time and does anyone ever read it? Do my ramblings just float in cyber-space, meaningless and unloved?

It probably would have been easier to create a blog that zeros in on a niche, area of expertise, or hobby. Something that really interests people. But I’m not a professional golfer (I wish!) nor do I have fashion savvy that people wanna to hear about *blah*.

I’m a writer.

We published-wannabes are encouraged to begin platform building early: Twitter, Facebook, blogging. It’s important to establish a presence well before your first book hits the shelf or e-store.

So I did what I was told—I always do.
For the most part.
And I blog.

But doubts continue to niggle at me.

Blogger dashboard provides stats on blog hits, but from what I understand, they are not accurate. Kind of a bummer--this report got me pretty excited:

Kimberly Russell’s blog
Roar Of A Lioness
9986 pageviews
(The number represents total number of people who have looked at the blog since its inception...supposedly.)  

Then the next day, this:

9994 pageviews

The next day I happened to be off work, so I kept clicking ever few minutes, until I saw this:

10,000 pageviews

I was elated and did a little happy dance. I’ve been blogging about a year and a half. My traffic has steadily picked up and even though I don’t know how it compares to other blogs, it seemed like a milestone.

Albeit deceptive.

According to my research, there’s all kinds of technical gobbledygook reasons why your stat count goes up. And most of the time it isn’t because someone stopped by to peruse your blog greatness.

Then there is the area on the dashboard that shows web sites that people came from to get to your blog. It can be quite alarming. (Why is it so many porn sites send referrals to my blog? Oh well, maybe they’ll read something that will point them to God…)

And therein lies the bottom line: Why do I write anyway?

I’m trying to do what God wants me to. And he told me a few years ago that I’m a writer. Took me a long time to believe it and often I still don’t buy into the whole thing. Then he gives me a little slap upside the head and I come back to my center. Yeah, I’m often my own worst enemy.

Aren’t we all?

So, to heck with the stats. Upward and onward, full steam ahead, off we go, and every other euphemism I can muster.

It’s time to write.


Diane Reed Loew November 19, 2012 at 10:13 AM  

Keep on blogging until Jesus tells you not to. You never know who you are reaching. I personally love your writing style.

Sandi Shine Hughes,  November 20, 2012 at 4:10 PM  

I also look forward to your posts!! You touch people when you don't even realize it! Keep on Bloggin'!

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