The Legend Lives On

>> Monday, October 22, 2012

This week, Patty's A2Z meme is on the letter "L"

When I moved into my house some dozen years ago, my father had a great concern. My front door was entirely glass and he was very certain that someone was going to walk right through it. So he offered me a solution:

Two static cling pink flamingos.

And he was quite put out when I declined.

What he didn’t realize was that his “gift” would set off an enduring chain of events that may perpetuate the entire scope of my lifetime…*shudder*

And a Legend was born.

My family was so amused, they picked up the gauntlet and for well over a decade, has inundated me with every pink flamingo item known to man.

I probably should have kept track or at least photo documented the phenomenon, but there's been a lot...Here’s a few examples and pix:

Coming home from work to find my yard flocked with plastic visitors on a stick.

Opening the garage door to find a four foot stuffed bird staring at me.

A six foot blow-up lashed to the tree in my front yard.

Shirts, jammies, and other unmentionable apparel.

A flamingo plunger left in my toilet (that one was memorable.)

Birthday cards, balloons, coffee mugs. Statues and stuffed animals.

And just when I think it might settle down...

This summer at the family reunion, I found a stowaway in my car...


I laughed and left him behind…

                                          ...then found him in my bed a few days later.
Dad’s no longer with us, but the Legend Lives on.

He'd probably get a chuckle out the whole thing.

Although he never did understand why I didn't accept his gift...


Unknown October 22, 2012 at 8:32 AM  

This brought laughter to my otherwise humorous lacking morning. Thank you.

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