Knotted Knickers

>> Monday, October 15, 2012

This week's letter for Patty's A2Z meme 
is "K."  

This makes me laugh. And not just because it’s amusing…

But because I’ve had my knickers in a knot lately.


I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've regressed to someone from the past that I thought was gone forever. My temper has been getting the best of me on a regular basis and I throw more fits than a four-year-old begging for Skittles in the grocery store.

I've struggled with several months of crisis, some affecting me directly, some not. Loss, grief of people I love, change, and life in general. After awhile, it all piles up into one big uncontrollable mess. 

And oh, how I hate not being in control. 

Hence my temperamental dilemma.

And while vacation certainly sounds delightful (I have one coming up soon) my rational big-girl side knows that running away from home isn’t the answer. (Kind of pathetic anyway since I live alone.)

Whatever the reasons, my excuses have run dry and will no longer hold water. (I’ve even regressed into cliché-land….gad zooks!)

Time to deal with my issues.

So here’s to unknotting my knickers.

‘Cause it solves nothing.

And I don’t wanna walk funny anymore.


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