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>> Monday, August 13, 2012

 This week I'm honored to have my pal Lisa Mikitarian guest posting. She's a sweetheart, funny as all get-out, and one heck of a writer.
Lisa and Dorian Gray

Months ago, when I offered to guest post on Kim's blog, I was pretty sure I was going to talk about something fun and not too "Jesus-y"—as I like to start conversations where Jesus started them—person to person.

I mean, why pigeon-hole one another before we even have a chance to connect?  Later on we can slap all the labels we want onto ourselves or onto one another, because I guess categorizing is important to mankind.

But then last week happened.  Last week was not a good time to have a last name like Mikitarian in the land of Millers and such. There are five of us listed in the entire state.  So when one of them gets into trouble, people know where to look.

But this is also not a guest post about that one Mikitarian who is in trouble—though we would ask you to cover him (and everyone involved) in love and prayer, without tsk-tsking.  In a world inundated with sexual messages, technology, and stupidity among young people (a generalization), accusations often don't tell the real/whole story.  And yet, God uses those accusations, and every other miniscule detail to work in the hearts of all the imperfect people He loves. 

Meaning all of us.

This is a guest post about miniscule details.  Because God dwells there and it has taken time for me to believe that, to know that.  And the longer I live, the more I become convinced that it is in our gifts/talents/callings where He shows us that nothing is unknown to Him and nothing is beyond His use to draw us closer to Him.

There are so many things about which I know nothing, and if God connected with me in one of those places, I might certainly miss it.  But I love words and writing—and that is where God reaches me.

Which brings me to a couple of weeks ago, and how He prepared me for last week—which in case I haven't mentioned it—wasn't such a stellar week.

I've been blogging for two years, and have been on Facebook a little longer than that.  I have never wanted for words.  I have enjoyed writing status updates—playing with words.  Most times they included humor, some were profound or insightful or pithy or whatever.  The point is I've never lacked for one.

Until a couple of weeks ago.  As if a faucet had been turned shut, I was dry.  Completely.  I felt "status-less-ness," and reported it in a status update—which to some disproved my point.  A few days later, I thought I had an update (a pretty cool one at that), when Maddie asked me to take it down—it wasn't meant for public knowledge—and no, she's not expecting.  Then I asked for friends to guest post on my status updates—which is ridiculous.  But my friend, Holly, obliged and wrote a clever little limerick:

There once was no update for status
The muse, it seems, went on hiatus.
The keyboard was mute
Her thinker kaput
So she begged, “Please, friends, fill it in, gratis.

During this same period, my blog disappeared.  *poof*  Gone—have no idea where it went. 

Then came the week that was oh-so-not-stellar which I may have mentioned.  And the thought occurred to me that I didn't have to worry about what I was going to say on Facebook or the blog or anything—because I'd already established my absence.  I thought that was kind of cool.

But it was going to get even cooler.

A few of my friends began sending me Bible verses to remind me of truths I know, but which are so easy to forget when your heart aches and you feel like sinking into a hole and never coming out.  And one day I had the desire to post one of those verses.  And the next day, I had the desire to post another one.  It took me three days to realize that God had wanted me empty of my own trite/witty/pithy/self-aggrandizing words, so that He could fill me with His life-giving, soul-saving words of love and redemption.

He revealed Himself through something as unremarkable and as miniscule as a Facebook status update.  It felt like He was offering Himself as my (Holy) Ghost Writer. 

That is the message of this guest post.  God meets us where we are and with what we understand—where we can note the nuance of His interaction with us.  He reaches some through words, some through music, some through nature—the possibilities are endless. 

He connects with the Millers and the Smiths and the Joneses all the way down to those strange Mikitarians. Even the one who got himself into trouble. 

And He can (and does) reach out to you before you ever know Him or love Him.  And you might look around and say:  did anyone else just notice that…

And no one else will have noticed because His message was meant for only you. 

His beloved.

How's that for a label?

That is our God.

And that is the end of this guest blog.

I have yet to find my own blog—if you find it, please let me know.

All in Goodwill,


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