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>> Monday, June 18, 2012

A few years back, for some unknown reason, I became enamored with watching golf on TV. I really didn’t have any desire to play because the way I looked at it, participating in sports is overrated and being a spectator is much more enjoyable. 

Eventually though, I decided to give it a shot (pun intended.)

My first round was less than stellar as I had to use a calculator to keep track of my score. But even though it was frustrating, I was completely hooked.

I practiced faithfully and began to improve. Much of the credit goes to my young but extremely talented coach. I'm convinced that I would still be using a par 29 for every hole if it wasn't for him. His invaluable advice far outweighed the fact that I have shoes older than he is.

I've had many adventures on the course, but none stand out as much as a lovely blue-skyed day with perfect temperatures. All was right with the world after I got a bogey on the first hole. (Don’t smirk you golfers out there—for a beginner, that’s a thrill). 

I was feeling pretty smug until my tee shot sailed into the tall grass.  My spirits plummeted because it was my favorite ball (a pink Lady Noodle).  Probably the males are rolling their eyes:  Yes, I do like colored balls, my purple bag with matching club covers, and pastel accessories. Just because I’m participating in a manly sport doesn’t mean I can’t be stylish at the same time. 
Tromping through the weeds, I swept my club, anxiously trying to locate the elusive ball. It was my last Noodle and I wasn’t ready to give it up without a fight. I was about to declare defeat when a sudden movement startled me and a huge snake reared up, ready to strike. 

With fangs bared and a wild look in his eye, he had to be at least six feet long (think cobra.) I screamed, preparing to defend myself with a nine iron. He paused as I brandished a swing that would make my coach proud.

He must have decided I meant business as he retreated, tail tucked, wanting to live another day. 

As he slithered away, I hesitated, unsure if the Noodle was worth additional trauma. And decided a purple Nike would suffice as my new favorite ball.

Footnote from Kim's Golf Partner
The snake was only 12" long.
The only 'rearing up' it did was in a panicked effort to get away from her screeching.
The next time a ball went in the weeds, she sobbed like a little girl.
In case you haven't noticed, she's a bit of a drama queen.


Sandi Shine June 18, 2012 at 9:13 AM  

I so very much enjoyed hearing your story as Sandyi read it to me. I could see your every move in my mind especially with a snake! Love you, Carol

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