Farewell My BFF (Best Furry Friend)

>> Monday, May 21, 2012

MAJOR Cattitude!
I’ve been sitting outside under a tree for almost an hour. Procrastinating. It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I ought to be writing.

Don’t really want to.

My laptop is nearby, yet I’ve found every reason to not pick it up: The book I’m reading is more interesting, need another cup of coffee, and there’s other things I'd rather be doing.

Enough. Here goes…

I lost my best friend this week. And before some of you roll your eyes and think, “It’s only a cat,” humor me.

Patches was a very special kitty. My Best Furry Friend. (BFF)
Hangin'out in the kitty kup
She showed up at my mother’s during a blizzard some eleven years ago. I already had two cats and a dog. Didn’t need another pet.

Didn’t matter.

Fearful and hiding, I kept pulling her from under the bed in order to gently cuddle her into trusting me. Soon she would seek me out and lay claim to my lap. Been that way ever since.

Her favorite place in the world was propped on my chest, wedged in front of my laptop. Or sleeping with her head on my hand so that it bobbed up and down while I typed.

Chilling out with Liberty
That was always good for a giggle.

As time wore on, she became super rotund. Watching her waddle from behind reminded me of a calico basketball weaving back and forth. More chuckles.

About a year and a half ago, she became ill. A trip to the vet revealed either cancer or irritable bowel syndrome. Since the treatment was the same, we just moved on and she thrived. Until recently.

She quit eating and lost weight. Then she needed surgical intervention for bad teeth, but never quite recovered.
"Quit hogging the chair!"

Her last few days were spent outside, soaking up some rays, and doing her favorite thing: rolling in the dirt. We snuggled in a lawn chair, making the most of our time.

And even though I practically have to refinance my house to pay the vet bill (also have another cat that is in failing health, as well as a geriatric, deaf dog) there is nothing I would do any different.

Sure, they’re just pets. But they’re also my confidants, comedy relief, and the best listeners ever. They have no expectations beyond basic maintenance and show unconditional love no matter what kind of day I’m having.

My next door neighbor (aka “Handy Guy”) was wonderful and buried Patches in his back yard. Even put up a cross with her name on it. The vet gave me her paw print and sent a sympathy card. Kindness helps ease the pain. 

Farewell, my darling. Enjoy the sunshine in heaven, cuddle up with God, and roll around in the dirt. 

I miss you...
You care for people and animals alike.
                                                                              Ps. 36.6     NLT


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