Juggle As Fast As You Can

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(It's "J" week...)

And my life has turned into a Juggling act.

Last week’s post detailed my pursuit of a platform. It’s a lot of work and could easily overwhelm. Many of my writer friends (especially the moms who home school their kids and write in between) deal with these issues.

I can relate: My circus has come to town.

My already Jam-packed existence led me to take a cue from my Job. I’m an executive secretary for the Warden of a prison and our office is the hub of the institution. The unexpected (which happens routinely) can Jump off at any moment, causing me to stop, drop, and roll on a regular basis. My plates can only continue to spin with the use of super-structure techniques.
So when the writing-pursuit-of-greatness ramped up, it seemed only natural to apply the same principals.

Today, I hopped out of bed with my brain already in the spin cycle…so much to do…

  • Morning tasks, drink coffee, computer stuff.
  • Jumped into some platform-building (unexpected but fruitful.)
  • Needed to stop and eat—noted messy kitchen--deal with that later.
  • Exercise. Oh good grief! Why do I have to waste time on THAT?
  • Writing muse threw a tantrum. Stopped to calm him down.
  • Jotted a few lines on a pressing project—got hung up on FaceBook, Words with Friends, and Twitter. (Note to self:  shut off email and internet.)
  • Prayer and devotions:  Why is THIS so far down on the list?
  • Tapped out a grocery list as I buzzed around the house. (Thank goodness for my IPhone.)
  • Patted each kitty and the dog as I passed by. Don’t ya just love the unconditional love of a pet?
  • Still need to exercise. *sigh*
  • Housework and laundry and shopping…oh my!
And this is just on Saturday. Throw a 40 hour work week in the mix…

I dream of the day I can sit on a beach, laptop in place. (Retirement: five years from June, but who’s counting?)

In the meanwhile, anyone know where I can get one of those cute little clown outfits?


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