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>> Monday, May 28, 2012

I find this quite profound. Probably because writing is my purpose—the main one—and challenges me to be my best.

Or at least give it my best shot.

Writing is like a wild roller coaster ride: The anticipation of the first hill, tipping over the top, and then the death drop. Hills and curves, with an occasional upside down moment. Relief when it’s over…and the yearn to go again.

While sometimes there's a smack-down between my muse and distraction, I love it when the pieces of a story come together and I can practically feel them locking into place like a jigsaw puzzle.

Yeah, it’s my passion.

Not one to do anything simple, my purpose is multi-faceted, combining several areas that make up the total package:

“Roar of a Lioness” will celebrate its one year anniversary in August and will soon have 5,000 hits. I'm fine-tuning to add a little more structure and am excited about the new format.

I have over 230 Twitter followers. I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but did start interacting  with an author after I read one of his books and was dying for the next installment. I popped him a Tweet and we emailed back and forth several times. We talked about my novel and he read the synopsis…and liked it. (Check out Eric Stoffle's "Eleventh Hour.")

I do short bulletin blurbs for my church, which I love, because it’s a way to use the gift God has given me in service for him.

Revisions of “Photo Finish” are perking along, albeit slowly. (You can’t rush greatness…)

There’s an idea pinging through my brain for another novel that I’d like to start sketching out. And I have an exciting “hands-on” research opportunity coming up as well.

Building my writer’s platform is an on-going challenge. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time, but I do understand the importance—especially increasing my presence on the Internet. One way I’ve found to gauge the success of my efforts is to set up Google alerts.

Google sends you an email whenever relevant results appear from searches made that match the parameters you select. (Name, web site, etc.) It's a great way to track progress and kind of a fun to see what other things pop up.
Except the other day when I found out that a gal with the same name as mine is the chairperson of the People United for Medical Marijuana. She is collecting signatures in hopes of getting legalization of the drug on the ballot in Florida’s next election.

DISCLAIMER: It isn’t me.


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