EXTREME Birthday

>> Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(This week's post is for the Letter "E" of the A2Z4U&Me Meme)

I had a birthday last week!

And I'm probably supposed to say things like, "It's just a number," and "Oh, I stopped counting a few years ago..."

But here's the deal: I rather enjoy celebrating my Existence. So in honor of my special day, come along on a journey through my Extreme birthday!
The day started out with cards, presents, phone calls, texts, emails, and tons of cyber-love on FaceBook. (Boy, if that don't make you all warm & fuzzy, nothing will.)
Played "Words With Friends" and got a 96-point word. (Jealous, aren't ya?)


Then it was time to head out
with my awesome sisters for fun and frivolity. 

We started with lunch at the"Lucky Moose" in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Then moved on to the mall for retail therapy. Not really into shopping, I did manage to do my part to contribute to the cause. ($$$$)

No birthday is complete without cake so we Googled for a cupcake shop and indulged at Yum-Mee's Bakery...

Followed by coffee...

But all good things must come to an end and eventually we had to head back to Michigan. There was still one more very important stop to make:


I've always made it a point to thank my mom for birthing me. After all, my wonderful life would not be possible without the one person (well two actually--my dad was kind of involved) that made it all happen in the first place.

It was an absolutely perfect birthday and I couldn't have asked for anything more but...

Sure wouldn't mind another 96 point word someday....


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