Daylily Dilemma

>> Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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1st Corinthians 14.33 
For God is not a God of 
confusion but of peace.  ESV

Most of the country has been experiencing weird weather lately. Michigan is no exception.

Fifties one day, freezing temps the next. Thundersnow and January lightning. The barometric pressure tap dances on our sinuses. Illness abounds.

Even nature is hopelessly mixed up. One of my unsuspecting daylilies sprouted, tricked by warm sunshine. I was horrified when he peeked out, knowing that a blanket of white would engulf him soon.

Didn't take long for that to happen.

I kind of felt sorry for the poor thing, if one can have compassion for a plant. Even started to grab a shovel and go on a rescue mission in an effort to "help".

But I was stopped when the above verse popped into my head. (Not sure why that happens sometimes, but I try to pay attention when it does.)

So there I was, shovel poised, contemplating scripture over a perplexed perennial. Then I slowly turned and went into the house. It was really hard as I felt like I was abandoning him in his time of need.

God is not a God of confusion but of peace.

It dawned on me that God didn't need my help in this situation. Sure, maybe the plant was confused, but it also is taken care of by the Master Gardner, who always knows best.

Had I moved ahead with my brilliant idea to scrape the snow away,  the lily would have been completely at the mercy of the elements. How was I to know that the snow doesn't act as a buffer, sheltering it until spring?

Bottom line is that the situation didn't need my intervention.

How often do I stick my nose in places it doesn't belong? Sometimes its in the name of helping. Often it's out of love. And there's the whole "being in control and thinking I know best" theory.

Do I check with the Master Gardener first? After all, if he cares about plants, surely he can handle the things that concern me. Scripture also talks about how he cares for every sparrow and that he has the hairs on our head numbered. Sounds like he's got it all under control, eh?

The daylily is right out my back door so I glance at it often. While my heart still tugs as I pass by, I know that the "hands off" approach is best.

Maybe I should adopt that mindset in some other areas?


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