I Survived a Shark Attack

>> Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recently I went to a conference for the on-line writing community I belong to. I’d been to the FaithWriters event before and had always come away with a wealth of knowledge. It has proven to be a time for me to refocus and figure out the next step in my writing journey.

This year I went without an agenda.

Feeling confident of the plan I have in place, I figured I could pick up a few tips and just generally enjoy a relaxing weekend with a bunch of my friends.

As usual, God had other ideas.

One of the first people I talked to was the adorable Sara Harracharan. She is best known for amazing hugs and being cute enough to take home in your pocket. Her passion (one of many) is blogging.

It didn’t take long for our conversation to turn in that direction. And I pulled out my standing line: “Where am I going to find time to blog when I can barely carve out any to write?” She gave me all the reasons blogging is important.

I remained unconvinced.

Comedian Timmy Boyle started the conference with howls of laughter. He shared about his 24-5 experiment at blogging. The ups and downs, good and bad, but mostly, how much it taught him about himself and his writing.

I'm A Writer

I started to imagine hungry sharks circling, nibbling on my toes.

The next day brought lively discussions, workshops, and featured speakers. We heard about creating a presence on the Internet, branding, and how it is our responsibility to market ourselves.

And the most dreaded word of all: platform.

Everywhere I went it seemed a common theme was emerging—and I knew I was in trouble. FaceBook, Twitter, blogging. Public speaking, radio spots, newspapers. Was there no end to the madness?

Sharp-toothed creatures were quickly closing in. I began to wonder if I was going down for the third time when actually…it was just time to surrender.

Time to put on my big-girl panties and start blogging.

Before I even left the conference, my creative brain cells began to swirl. I wanted a blog that was different and unique. Something that would show my personality as well as my writing.

I thought about how God has graciously gifted me with the ability to write, but I've been too frightened to step into it. I've let fear conquer my passion and insecurity intimidate me. The journey has sometimes been a lovely, winding road, but more often a rocky path.

And then I had an epiphany. (Don’t ya just love that word?)

By the very act of stepping out in faith and attempting to blog, I was declaring that I was no longer afraid. I had entered the “No Fear” zone.

So let the sharks try to stop me—bring it on. But they won’t succeed because I’m ready to shout...errr... roar...

"I'm a writer."


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